Tom Kohl

Senior Vice President of Construction & Development

Tom currently serves as a Senior Vice President where he oversees construction and development. He joined Plaza Street Partners in 2018 and was tasked with building and overseeing the creation of high-volume QSR remodel program. Tom and team quickly established repeatable and scalable process that produced 70+ restaurant remodels per year and over 100 in an 18-month span.

Tom was promoted to his current role of Senior Vice President in early 2019 to oversee the construction department with projects in 35 states and costs over $300 million.

Prior to joining Plaza Street Partners, Tom spent nearly a decade working with nationally recognized franchisors and their franchisees across various industries in multiple capacities. His ability to navigate these nuanced relationships and, effectively communicate within them, facilitates long-term success for all sides. His strategic approach to developing processes to serve growth goals across the country.