What Build Type Is Best for You?

We speak with prospective clients, brands, franchisees, new concepts, and established concepts every week about the ideas of expansion, new unit growth, and asset management. At Plaza Street Partners, our fascination with taking a very common task like build-to-suit development and reverse engineering every step of the process in very uncommon ways drives efficiencies of scale, time and cost for our partners. Here’s one question we get all the time regarding our experience and preference for build method:

“What construction method do you use and have you ever experimented with methods other than a traditional stick build?”

We have used all three construction methods for existing clients – traditional stick build, panelized prefabrication, and modular – and certainly have our preferences. Ultimately, the client’s goals for construction drive the decision-making process. By properly assessing a client’s priorities using factors such as cost, timing and assembly, this seemingly innocuous concept could actually drive results that impact your bottom line, allocation of resources, delivery and, most importantly, lease rate. Which method is best for your next project?

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